Go On, Achieve Your Dreams!

Distractions in form of love, sacrifices of motherhood, submission or ‘Time factor’ excuses have truncated a lot of women’s dreams and the story does not necessarily end with your success as a person for what you gave up.

At the tail-end of most women’s life, you tend to hear in their conversations the regrets they suffer for not going for what they wanted earlier in their lives. It is important to know that a woman has expiry dates on a lot of things and are mostly time-bound to get their lives on track. It’s like a woman’s life is at a train station, where there are certain things the society and even the atmosphere needs from us at a given time and if we don’t deliver on time, we see the train leaving us behind and we silently pray to get on the next one. What if it takes too long, though?

Making a decision to chase your dreams early in life doesn't necessarily mean you should appeal to sympathy.It can also be a good thing, indicatingthat women have the platform to achieve giant strides earlier than the male folk who seem tohave all the time in the world to be whoever they want to be.

From a sentimental angle, fulfilment of dreams is one of those things that amounts to a lifetimeof happiness. The passion andinspiration are put to good use and the manifestation of it all becoming a reality makes you feel you deserve everything you have and more.  Only one dream can beget other dreams. If you don’t start the one you have on your mind right now, you are wasting the rest that are naturally designed to come along with it.

Don’t watch your lover achieving his dreams while you only recall the number of years you have been married or been with him.Your life is an impacting force that is not designed to lay fallow on the walls of history, but rather designed to paint the walls with colours, very bright ones!

Life gets boring when you have nothing new coming into it for you daily and as a living being, you have been wired with the enthusiasm for more things wherever you can find them. Make mistakes with caution, learn from them, make better mistakes and crave for perfection or satisfaction at the very least.

Above all, do it having at the back of your mind the beautiful factthat you are a woman and if you have to go, you have to go all the way until your name and existence echo with joy in your mind!