Stereotyping Women in African

Stereotyping women is rampant in African business. Homely types are assumed to be dullards who should easily be taken advantage of in negotiations, successful ones are expected to look boring and be badly dressed, good looking women must be chased, well dressed ones are assumed to be bimbos who spend all their money on clothes, openly intelligent ones are considered aggressive and to be put in their 'womanly' place, financially buoyant ones are assumed to have a 'godfather' as the source of that wealth, etc etc. The list goes on.

Count it joy when you're openly stereotyped. Never fight it nor attempt to correct it. Never openly acknowledge it, either. Do not talk about it nor get riled by it. Why? It is strength served to you on a platter of gold. The one who stereotypes you, whether male or female, has mentally put you in a box and this guides the expectations he or she has of you. He will draw on all he knows about the 'character' he feels you have and will bring this into his business dealings with you.

Always play along to the stereotype and then spring your surprise move. One that's entirely out of keeping with the expected character and still ethical. He/she will never see you coming. The underestimation of you will be their undoing. By the time they recover, you'll be recording another business success and he or she will hopefully be learning a valuable lesson in the diversity of the human character and how not to be a sexist jerk.

Everything that you are is the edge that you have.