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The heat is on! This recession is real! Couples are frustrated and fighting more about money. How do you prevent the economy from taking a huge bite out of your relationship?

1. Discuss with your partner. Ask him how he's coping in this recession. Get him talking about his challenges and his experience at this time.
2. Identify your priorities. Both of you should rewrite your priorities and living expenses. Know what is excessive and want to do without. Talk about what you should change and try to be fair! Re-organise your spending priorities.

3. Discuss new and great ideas. Every recession produces new industries. Know what these are in your environment. Talk about how you can generate new money together and go for it individually or as partners. Being together in the pursuit of your dreams will protect your relationship.

4. Dream up new ways of having fun! Cheaper, value driven entertainment. Rather than an expensive dinner, get him to cook with you or for you. That time together will create a bond. Go for drives or get yourselves to the beach. Meet up with friends for fun games times. Whatever you do, strive to make your activities not all about money.

5. Understand that you will both be more short tempered at this time and have a plan in place for each other's 'frustration times'. Play his favourite music, give and get a massage, or simply saying 'I understand' will go a long way in making him feel better. Once you acknowledge this to yourselves, it'll make the tough times easier to

6. Encourage him. It's not easy out there! Be at your most supportive now!

7. Become more financially savvy. Know what interest rates are, what savings accounts and deposit accounts give you, haggle on prices with sellers even more, never buy at the first shop, always compare value and costs of items. Whatever you do, get knowledge about money!!
8. Verbally acknowledge all the time that you are in this together. Positive affirmation of what you are both going through will encourage you both to support each other.

9. Never put him down. It's the worst time to whine and complain also. The economy is down, so don't go taking your frustrations out with your beau. It's not his fault!

10. Keep the faith! Tough times do NOT last for tough people.